About Us

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the College is to provide access to quality higher education.

The College administration and leadership is committed to provide continuous and healthy learning environment, good sports and supporting facilities for the students to achieve academic excellence, integrity, self esteem, equality, and respect for nature, humanity and employability.


The vision of the college is to provide quality education, value system and develop quest for excellence and global competence among the students in tune with national Higher Education policy and to encourage the over-all personality development of the students thereby increasing their abilities, creative talent and excellence.



:- To become as a centre of excellence in higher education.

:- To enhance the human capabilities and potential to the fullest extent and achieve the excellence by enabling students to be more creative and innovative.

:- To be a bridge between the urban-hill(rural) divide taking the benefits of education to the rural and the marginalized aiming at their empowerment.

:- To help disadvantaged groups, such as woman, SC, ST, OBC and minority, so that they can improve their performance in studies and get the rightful place in the society.

:- Strengthen physical and academic infrastructure and human resources of the college by incorporating modern means of teaching and learning aids such as NM- ICT and Edu-Sat.

:- To facilitate overall development of the students by quality education.

:- To eradicate prejudices and to ensure equality for all.

:- No discrimination on the basis of sex, caste, creed and religion.

:- To inculcate sense of responsibility, character building, spirit of cooperation and empowerment of women for self esteem, thought building of equality and strength.

:- To impart quality education to help students in developing proficiency and abilities which will further inculcate self confidence, decision making power & leadership qualities in them.