Grievance cell

A four level system is followed viz. Departmental, Proctorial Board, Principal and Board of Management/University as follows:

(a)   Departmental. Matters pertaining to allocation of workload among the teachers and staff, pattern of assignments etc. are resolved in Departmental meetings. The decisions of the meetings are maintained by the concerned teacher-in-charge/departmental head. Grievances if any are addressed at these meetings.  For day to day problems the students, regarding studies, departmental-in-charge resolves them instantly.

(b)   Proctorial Board. Matters pertaining  to the disciplinary problems of the students and campus discipline, referred to the Proctorial Board. The Proctorial Board comprises of select teachers of the college.

(c)   Principal. The problems unresolved as highlighted in (a) and (b) are referred to the Principal.

(d)   Board of Management/University. Matters pertaining to appointment of teaching and non-teaching staff and maintenance of the college are referred to the Board of Management which is empowered to take proper decisions in consultation with the Principal.  Academic matters related to introduction/deletion of courses, Admissions, Examinations and Affiliation of new courses etc referred to the University for discretionary decisions.